Go greener with Eco-Friendly Refills

Brush On Block's refillable brush has always been a point of pride for us. The quality of our brush heads make them not only a pleasure to apply product to your face, but also foolish to toss in a landfill when you are done with one. By attaching a refill cartridge to your old brush, we have been saving brushes from landfills for years. But we decided we could do even better. We found a manufacturer that creates paperboard containers (lined with foil and plastic, to keep your powder dry) that can be tossed into co-mingled recycling bins after use. This means that now you can keep the bottom portion of brushes from entering landfills at the same rate as the brush tops!

Filling the refill cartridge from the new eco-friendly refill can be a little messier, you have to pour the powder. To compensate for any spills, we filled the new refills with more powder, so that customers don’t feel like they are missing out on any powder. And if they fill over a piece of paper, spills can usually be poured into the container. These new refills also retail for $2 less--MSRP $15, thereby saving you $1 each.

But that’s not all that’s new about these refills. Due to an ingredient that became difficult to source, we have reformulated our powder. This updated formula is very close to the old one, but we like it a little better. Customers won’t notice the difference unless they are real label-readers. Translucent brushes and regular refills (which are now back in stock) are the new formula as well.