Earth-Friendly Displays

Since we first rolled out our Protective Lip Oil SPF 32 to wholesale accounts, we have had a corrugated paper display on offer. We like this display so much, that when it was time to re-order our acrylic displays for our brushes and refills, we had to stop and give it a little thought.

Corrugated paper has several advantages over the acrylic:

1. Less likely to break in shipping, or if knocked off a counter-top

2. Lighter weight to ship, and less expensive to produce

3. Recyclable

4. More opportunity to market the product, with images and text

That was enough to convince us, and so now you can order our new corrugated paper displays to suit your needs. Each display comes with two different "backing" cards, with different images. You can use one for a while, then update to the second one, or change back and forth depending on the season.

This display holds the same number of brushes and refills as our previous display, but has all of our adorable little icons (water resistant, non-nano, mineral actives, etc) across the front, answering a lot of your customer's questions with just a glance. (And here's a side-note, if you have been using our Eco-Friendly Refills instead of the standard refills, two of the Eco-Friendly refills take up the same amount of space as two of the standard, just one behind the other instead of two side-by-side!)

We hope you love the new displays as much as we do!